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Intra & Extra Oral Diagnostics

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Intra and Extra oral diagnostic photo’s (x-rays) are an essential part of dentistry since many of the problems dentists face are found in areas which are invisible to the naked eye.  They show all the areas between teeth, under fillings, and in the bone around the teeth.

We exclusively make use of digital x-ray technology, which miminizes the patient’s exposure to the amount of radiation of old, traditional x-ray machines.


The Extra-oral x-ray or better known as the Panorex gives a clear detailed picture of all the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.  It also indicates all the nerves etc. that the Dr needs to know for a thorough consultation.

Intra Oral X-Rays

Intra oral x-rays or peri-apical are taken to give close-up detail regarding the teeth, their roots and the direct bone surrounding them.

Cross Cuts

These cross cuts are used to determine bone quality, height, width, the proximity of anatomical structures to the nerves, sinus etc.

Intra Oral Pictures

These photos are a great way of showing the patient what each tooth looks like in the mouth in an enlarged scale.

Extra Oral Pictures