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Making An Appointment
How it works

Have Ria book a date and time for your first consultation.

First Visit: Full Assesment

During your first visit, Dr Janse van Rensburg will take a full set of diagnostic X-rays (intra and extra-oral) as well as intra and extra-oral colour photographs of your teeth profile. Learn more

Based on your unique profile and your expressed needs, we look at the whole spectrum of cosmetic factors, which include: the shape and colour of the teeth, their size, position and relative proportions. As the smile must fit the frame, it is designed in relation to your gums, lips and the shape and symmetry of your whole face.

We will discuss the various treatment options available and draft an individualized treatment and post-care plan. You will be sent a concept quotation to consider carefully and once you've chosen your preferred solution, you can give Ria a call and book a date and time for your transformation.

Second Visit: We Create Your Smile

When you arrive on the date and time you booked, the friendly staff members already know you're coming, the consultation room is prepared for your procedure, and we are ready to make you smile ;-)

Credit cards accepted includes: Master, Visa, Diners and Amex.

Regrettably, no cheques will be accepted without prior arrangement.