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Full Examination

Private: R 1 250 | Medical aid: R 300* co-payment (*we get pre-approval for you) Our First Consultation (FULL) includes: - Full Examination - X-rays - Consultation with Dr Janse van Rensburg - Discussion and compilation of Treatment Plan - Intra-oral photographs - Comprehensive Quotation

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Major Dental Make-over with Porcelain Veneers, Crowns & Bridges

With our new technologies imported from Germany, we can give you that new smile you've always wanted, all the while keeping all your existing teeth. No braces, no long-term treatment plan, just a BRAND NEW SMILE IN ONE VISIT.

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One-hour Dental Facelifts

This is a quick and simple, minimally invasive way to reshape and tidy up your smile. Cosmetic contouring works well to make canine teeth less pointed and to smooth any minor chips to front teeth. It is also used to make front teeth that have worn flat look more shapely and youthful again.

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Safe removal of amalgam fillings

Soothe sensitive teeth, Restore teeth with composite & porcelain filings, Safe removal of poisonous amalgam fillings, Our practice is "mercury free" and offers METAL-FREE and tooth coloured restoration. During the restoration process we replace your old amalgam fillings with new porcelain onlays / inlays, crowns or composites.

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Brilliant Whitening

Bleaching is a common and popular chemical process used to whiten teeth. Some people get their bleached to make stains disappear, while others just want a whiter shade. We use the latest bleaching method imported from the UK. This thermal diffusion bleaching method is safe and gives excellent results in a minimal time.

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Appealing Gum-line reshaping

What is a Gummy Smile? Do you see a lot of your gums while you smile? This means you have a gummy smile. Sometimes the gum line is not that low, but uneven and this also creates an unsightly and not aesthetically pleasing smile.

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Botox is a safe, non-surgical way to create a natural younger you. It relaxes facial muscles which cause or worsen fine lines and wrinkles to allow your skin to rest and rejuvenate. It's safe, non-permanent, and you can decide how much you need. In the soothing atmosphere at BCDS, come let Dr Janse van Rensburg, a qualified Botox and Fillers practitioner, help you reveal the beauty in your skin.

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