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Major Dental Make-over with Porcelain Veneers, Crowns & Bridges

Major Dental Make-over with Porcelain Veneers, Crowns & Bridges

Do you regret that you never had braces as child to straighten your teeth? If you only had the guts to get those nasty metal braces, even if everyone teased you about it, it would have been better than your smile. Or are you simply too old and don't feel like going through that kind of trauma?

We have the alternative treatment option - no braces, no long term treatment plan, just a brand new smile in one visit!

With our new technologies imported from Germany, we can give you that new smile you've always wanted. And no, this does not mean that we are going to extract everything you've got and replace it with dentures. THAT MEANS YOU GET TO KEEP YOUR OWN.

Porcelain crowns are used to straighten even the worst of crooked teeth and even a cross bite can be altered, ensuring that you will have a full rehabilitated mouth.


Porcelain veneers are considered to be the finest restoration available in cosmetic dentistry today with many celebrities, movie stars and models choosing this treatment for a perfect smile.

A veneer is a new front surface for a tooth, custom made from porcelain and totally METAL FREE.

Veneers are extremely versatile and can be used to change the colour, size, shape and position of a tooth. They can whiten severely discoloured teeth, close gaps and align crowded teeth or even reposition protruding teeth.

They are very strong and natural in appearance, and are used to make long lasting changes to your smile. They are artistically created at BCDS in the same visit ... needless to say NO TEMPORARY RESTORATIONS!


Crowns are used to restore severely broken down teeth. Most crowns are made of porcelain, like veneers, and look every bit as natural, leaving no black line at the gum level like traditional crowns. Porcelain crowns are as strong as natural teeth, and are recommended for severely fractured teeth, replacing old crowns and amalgam restorations.


We currently offer patients three options of porcelain material to choose from.  Each porcelain material varies with regard to its hardness and resillience to chewing forces and the patient’s propensity for bruxism.  This is discussed with the patient as part of the treatment plan which is tailored to each patient’s individual needs and preferences during the first consultation.

You will walk out with your restoration (crown or veneer) completely finished to the highest standards on the same day as your appointment!


We use the world-renowned CEREC CAD/CAM System.  It allows us to design and mill a complete crown from impression right through to placement & bonding, all in one sitting!

Here’s how it works…

Depending on how much healthy tooth structure is available, the choice of restoration could be an inlay to fill the tooth cavity, an on-lay to restore and fortify the tooth cap or a full crown that reaches all the way down to the gum line.

After the hosting tooth is prepared, an optical impression is taken with a special camera – eliminating the need for traditional impression clay – and with the help of digital imaging software, a new CAD/CAM designed porcelain tooth structure is refined digitally and sent to the CEREC milling unit which, generally under five minutes, mills out a perfectly shaped restoration from a ceramic block that matches your natural tooth shade.

After a proper fit and bite is confirmed, your restoration is then polished and bonded to the prepared natural tooth structure.

No temporary restoration.  No weeks of waiting.

You can leave with a perfect smile the same day!



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